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Infrared Heaters $301-$400

Infrared heaters are ideal electric fireplace options because they can heat a large room without taking up much space. Our infrared heaters from brands such as Duraflame and Comfort Glow emit 5,115 BTUs/hour and heat up to 1,000 square feet. The quartz heater technology creates instant heat that is safer and less harsh than traditional portable heaters. Infrared heater remain cool to touch and are safe to place around children and pets. They are inexpensive to operate, providing powerful, supplemental electric heating for as little as 12 cents per hour. An infrared heater is extremely portable and easy to set up. Simply plug your Duraflame heater into a standard household outlet and freely move it from room to room. Infrared heaters are also great for cold weather emergencies, because they can operate from a generator and are safe, flameless indoor electric heating options.
  • Quartz heater technology creates instant heat
  • Small size makes it easy to transport from room to room
  • Stays cool to touch – Safe for children and pets
  • Powered by a standard household outlet or generator – Just plug it in!
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